@MISTAnalytics opened this Issue on May 4th 2020

In the Matomo settings section we are able to configure IP addresses to be excluded in the tracking. It would be helpful if we could set up a description of a particular IP address to clarify which IP it is.

Because when you have a full list of IP addresses stated in this section after a period of time you do not remember every single one of them anymore. It helps to have a better overview of what data is excluded in the tracking.

I.e. now it is:

And then, it would be:
123.456.789.12 //Innocraft Office
123.456.123.18 //Internal
123.456.444.13 //Web developer

@Findus23 commented on May 23rd 2020 Member

At the moment this data is stored as a comma-seperated list in the SitesManager_ExcludedIpsGlobal option (see here), so any place that uses this list would need to be updated to ignore everything after // and the help text would need to be updated.

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