@chandrakant-hake opened this Issue on May 4th 2020

Switch to Events is not Working
It has 3 options

  • Switch to Event Action
  • Switch to Event Name
  • Switch to Event Category

How To Reproduce Issue

  1. Select any Website which has some Event Data in it.
  2. Go to Behaviour > Events
  3. You will see Events and Event Categories Table
  4. Click on Switch to Event Name which us at the bottom of that Event Categories table
  5. After Click on that, It Doesn't Change Tables Data

What is Expected Result
When we click on Switch to Event Name the Table should appear to be like,
when we click on 'Event Name' Which is on Left Side of That Category Table.


  1. When We see Data

  2. After Click on That Data

  3. The actual result was shown by clicking on left side menus
@tsteur commented on May 4th 2020 Member

@chandrakant-hake thanks for creating the issue. The link you are clicking actually changes the secondary dimension, not the report itself. So it changes which dimension is shown when you click on the plus icon next to an event category. For example


This Issue was closed on May 4th 2020
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