@tsteur opened this Issue on April 28th 2020 Member

We have quite a few visualisations that can be interesting such as insights, or now in Matomo 4 the "Performance metrics" for page reports. If you didn't know these visualisations existed, you'd never find them and never know you have these kind of features. It be great to make all these non obvious things eventually more obvious and more visible.

Would need to see what works. Eg on mobile it would maybe only show icons and no text vs on desktop show icon and visualisation text.

Eventually, later, could also move the other settings further up so you don't always have to scroll to the bottom. Only mentioning it in case there's some solution that this would directly work with too.


(ignore the design, it's not designed at all and should not look like this)

@mattab commented on April 30th 2020 Member

it would be awesome :+1: making insights more visible, but also making Goal conversion metrics more visible, and the search too, the cog icon...

we could either move all controls to the top or make them all visible at the bottom?

If we can fit every control on one line, that'd be great too.

maybe the Cog icon icons can still stay one-click-to-display? Although "Flatten" is very commonly used feature and might benefit from being outside the cog icon.

@Findus23 commented on October 15th 2021 Member

This could also help other settings in the gear menu (e.g. flat report) as they are quite hidden at the moment.

@atom-box commented on October 17th 2022

Should this issue be labeled "Enhancement" ?

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