@tsteur opened this Issue on April 26th 2020 Member

So they are sent in bulk and not in parallel. Todo: Double check this is not already the case. Mostly interesting for content impressions, not interactions.

@tsteur commented on April 26th 2020 Member

We need to do this in Matomo 4 since otherwise replaying tracking requests may break for some users as we'd do more POST requests compared to GET requests which can be replayed. In Matomo 4 users can then disable queue if they want to (they could already now but we'd not change such an important thing in a minor release)

@tsteur commented on April 27th 2020 Member

Noticed we are already sending content impressions in bulk so there is actually no issue in doing this in 3.X already especially since https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/15860 doesn't work.

This Issue was closed on May 20th 2020
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