@tsteur opened this Issue on April 25th 2020 Member

When ping is enabled, add a flag eg ping_enabled=1 to all other tracking requests. In that case we'd know a ping request will follow to update log_visit.visit_last_action_time and time on site. Therefore, it is not needed to update these fields avoiding potential locks on log_visit, less IO, ...

@tsteur commented on April 26th 2020 Member

Especially interesting once ping is enabled by default in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/8225

@toredash commented on April 27th 2020 Contributor

Is this a change in behavior for visits that is coming in 4.0 ? I discussed this in #15179 where I expected last_action_time to be updated when using heartbeats.

I'm wondering since I have a plugin that updates a visits visit_last_action_time with the timestamp present in the heartbeat.

@tsteur commented on April 27th 2020 Member

Good point. Heartbeat is actually indeed not supposed to extend the visit by default and therefore will close the issue. Wasn't remembering that at the moment. It could be done if there was an option that it extends the visit but if it's not the default it wouldn't help too many.

This Issue was closed on April 27th 2020
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