@nagulka opened this Issue on April 19th 2020

Cyrillic url are handled incorrectly. You can see the log. You can see that in the log snippet

@sgiehl commented on April 19th 2020 Member

@nagulka could you paste the url or at least the part here in the issue that causes the problem?
This might be fixed with #15618 in Matomo 4

@nagulka commented on April 20th 2020

all Cyrillic parts of a URL, they have for example a cyrillic letter "с" or "я" cause the error and ignored from matomo.

The paths for example:

You can see that, if you open the log file with the notepad++ (format UTF8)

@sgiehl commented on April 20th 2020 Member

Tried tracking an url containing your examples locally and it worked correctly.
Might be an issue of database collation. Could you check which collation your database and the table matomo_log_action has on your install?

@nagulka commented on April 20th 2020

The collation of the database (MariaDB) is utf8_general_ci, of the table matomo_log_action also utf8_general_ci. The database is auto created while matomo installation.

@nagulka commented on April 23rd 2020

Were you able to reproduce the error?
I think that cannot be due to the collation of the database, because "Action name" is entered in the table "matomo_log_action" without any problems (even if the string contains the cyrillic letters "с" or "я"). But the "Action URL" cause the error as soon as the url contains cyrillic letters "с" or "я". I think the URL was previously converted to the wrong format (bevor the inserting in the database).

I use Matomo 3.13.4
Windows Server 2019
IIS 10

I am always available for additional information. Thanks.

@sgiehl commented on April 24th 2020 Member

Actually I was not able to reproduce when I send those chars in the URL. Are you able to find those requests to matomo.php in the access log? Maybe they are already sent malformed

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