@tassoman opened this Issue on April 16th 2020 Contributor

The KPI Widget does a comparation with data collected during the period.
Mostly, having a rising increment is good (green dot), but sometimes having an increment is bad (red dot), for example: generation time.

Screenshot_2020-04-16 Assistenza Informatica (RT) - 2020-04-15 - Web Analytics Reports - Matomo

in this screenshot, generation time report should display red dots and red notations when generation time raises, the opposite, related to the search kpi metric widget.

@tassoman commented on April 16th 2020 Contributor

For some metrics, is difficult to say when it's good or bad... Bounce rate, for example, maybe is good or bad, it depends by the page. Searches metrics, maybe is good when is going down, meaning people is using less the search engine to find content...

Maybe can be useful having a switch in each widget, declaring when we want green for rising metrics and when we want green for lowering metrics?

@sgiehl commented on April 16th 2020 Member

There is an event Metrics.isLowerValueBetter, which can be used to define that. In some cases that might not be done correctly.

Note: the page generation time will be deprecated in Matomo 4 and replaced with more specific metrics. See #15736

@sgiehl commented on June 7th 2022 Member

Might be good to quickly look through all metrics and check if there are any other metrics where lower metrics should be treated as better.

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