@hex-code opened this Issue on April 15th 2020


Should it be displayed that way? This only happens when user leave tab for 30+ mins so the session cookie expired and after that he do some actions on the site without reloading the page

@tsteur commented on April 16th 2020 Member

@hex-code are you meaning the action without a previous page view? Yes that would be expected since a user doesn't always start a new session with a page view.

@hex-code commented on April 17th 2020

But it saves page url at the end of the event string in this case

@tsteur commented on April 20th 2020 Member

It records on which page the event was recorded, but it would not automatically track a page view as well. I have to close this unfortunately since we have no intention to change anything there and likely even in a plugin it may be bit tricky to implement. Sorry about that! Happy to reopen though if you think I might understand something wrong here .

This Issue was closed on April 20th 2020
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