@warrentmills opened this Issue on April 6th 2020

We intend to run multiple instances of Matomo, due to this we're interested in using remote volumes for storing things like configs and settings. I know there's a 'config' folder from looking through the file-system after installing, however I haven't had time to go over every setting in Matomo and see where it is stored on the file system. We don't want to mount our remote storage as the entire html folder, preferably keeping all the core files locally on the system, and we also don't care to store the cached version of the stats that is created by the cronjob.

The question I then ask is if details on which folders are used to store the various settings for Matomo. I expect a good portion of it to be store in the database, but other than the 'config' folder are there any other folders that are used to store settings/configurations site wide or per tracked site?

@tsteur commented on April 6th 2020 Member

@warrentmills such questions we usually only answer in forum but not in issue tracker where we only handle feature requests and bug reports. Here's the link: https://forum.matomo.org/

Anyway. You want to put the misc/user folder into a mounted remote value where eg an uploaded brand image is stored. You should also be able to move the config file there eg mv config/config.ini.php misc/user/mydomain.example.org/config.ini.php.

Simply replace the domain with your actual hostname/domain. This should be it.

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