@peterbo opened this Issue on March 27th 2020 Contributor

Reproducible on the demo:

  1. Open Page title report and open transition for any row:


After Clicking on any of the e.g. following internal page titles (transitioned to e.g. "Divezone Brand diving tank..."):


@tsteur commented on March 29th 2020 Member

@peterbo I suppose you refer to the styles? That's been a known issue for a while but looks like we didn't create an issue about it. 👍 I remember a while ago we looked into it but don't remember what the cause was. Or do you refer to the http:// ?

@peterbo commented on March 29th 2020 Contributor

Hi @tsteur! Yes, as far as I can see, just the styles and the "http://" notations are faulty.

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