@jschleus opened this Issue on March 24th 2020

The FOSS server fossies.org - also supporting "Matomo" - offers a feature "Source code misspelling reports". Such reports are normally only generated on request, but as Fossies administrator I have just created for testing purposes such a codespell based analysis for the new Matomo release 3.13.4:


Although after a first review some obviously wrong matches ("False Positives" = FPs) are already filtered out (ignored) please inform me if you find more of them so that I can force a new improved check if applicable.

Just for information there are also two supplemental pages showing some used "codespell" configuration details and all obvious False Positives.

If appropriate, additional reports for the current release or also master versions (these in a special "test" folder) could be willingly created.

OT: As Fossies admin I am somewhat annoyed that a single file ("How to install Matomo.html") is located outside of the main subdirectory "matomo", as Linux user that the filename contains spaces and as a general user that the file seems superfluous since already existing within the directory "matomo/misc".

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