@tom275 opened this Issue on March 23rd 2020

The progress bar of the YouTube player is not working when Matomo options are set and tracking is on.

Then the event onStateChange is not working anymore. Possibly Matomo does not add its event listeners, instead it sets only its own and thus cancelling others.

Attach you can find a minimal demo page to show the effects.

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@sgiehl commented on March 23rd 2020 Member

I guess you are using the MediaAnalytics plugin?

@tom275 commented on March 23rd 2020

Yes, that's right!

@sgiehl commented on March 23rd 2020 Member

ping @tsteur

@tsteur commented on March 23rd 2020 Member

@tom275 Cheers for mentioning this. I can reproduce this. Could you email our support about this through shop at innocraft.com ? That would be great.

@tsteur commented on March 23rd 2020 Member

Just BTW Looks like plyr is setting events as well instead of adding the event listeners see https://github.com/sampotts/plyr/blob/master/dist/plyr.js#L6154-L6263 . We've just tried it by adding the event listeners and it doesn't seem to make a difference. There may be issues that Youtube might not be able to handle multiple events or so. To be seen.

This Issue was closed on March 23rd 2020
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