@sgiehl opened this Pull Request on March 23rd 2020 Member

Note: I've also done various tests with distributions trusty and xenial. Builds for both will work as well. But trusty doesn't support PHP 7.4

Also see https://github.com/matomo-org/travis-scripts/pull/56

refs #15617

@sgiehl commented on March 26th 2020 Member

Merging the travis scripts will need some updates on several travis.yml files. Will do that next week

@sgiehl commented on April 7th 2020 Member

I've updated some more parts of the code and all tests seem to run on PHP 7.4 now.
Unfortunately it seems the version of imagemagick preinstalled on bionic distribution has problems with comparing the very big images. Those compares currently result in a

the 'compare' command output could not be parsed, should be an integer, got: compare: 
../../magick/quantum.c:216: DestroyQuantumInfo: Assertion `quantum_info != (QuantumInfo *) NULL' failed.

Seems the policies set for imagemagick differs. While the limitations for image size or memory usage are commented out on trusty builds, they are limited on bionic builds. Maybe that causes that error. Will have a closer look at that tomorrow.

@tsteur commented on April 7th 2020 Member

Is this a travis issue maybe? Could create a bug report there and wait for a month or two to see if something happens? Running tests on PHP 7.4 might not be highest priority so it could wait?

I suppose we can't use the old distro for UI tests and run it on older PHP versions easily?

@sgiehl commented on April 8th 2020 Member

tried using an own policy for imagemagick, but that doesn't work either. Will check if we can use xenial for the UI build and if the error is the same there...

@sgiehl commented on April 9th 2020 Member

Running UI tests only on xenial seems to work. For our plugins we need to see if we are running into the same problem or not. But guess there shouldn't be bigger images to compare and it should run on bionic as well.

@diosmosis could you have another look at the additional change I've made to fix the tests for PHP 7.4. Also the UI test for dashboard2 has now another result, seems the widgets are ordered in another way. But I really don't understand why that should be the case. I didn't change anything in the code to create the dashboads and the used PHP version only differs in patch version. Can you think of a reason why that's happening?

@diosmosis commented on April 9th 2020 Member

@sgiehl everything I see looks ok (except for one minor thing). Is there anything specifically you're worried about?

@sgiehl commented on April 12th 2020 Member

Is there anything specifically you're worried about?

@diosmosis as mentioned in the previous comment. The UIIntegrationTest for dashboard 2 seems to have a different result now, but I can't think of a reason. Do you maybe have an idea?

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