@ErikDohmen opened this Issue on March 22nd 2020

I've searched the issues here in the repository and cleared the cache, checked for mod_pagespeed, but no luck. The manage containers stays empty.

Any more suggestions. I'm running matomo 3.13.3
I can see that a new container is created when I added a new site, but can't get to it. Even when I go to the statistics of the site and then click the tagmanager, I do get a default container list of actions, but none of them show anything

@tsteur commented on March 22nd 2020 Member

@ErikDohmen by any chance do you know how to open browser developer tools and check if there is any message in the console?

@ErikDohmen commented on March 22nd 2020

@tsteur as I'm an internet developer myself, yes I do know and sadly enough no errors in the console. Checked that right away when investigating the issue.

@tsteur commented on March 23rd 2020 Member

@ErikDohmen could you maybe also check the network tab if there are any failing requests?

Just to confirm: You click on Tag Manager -> containers, and an empty page appears?

@ErikDohmen commented on March 23rd 2020

@tsteur sadly enough no not either...
That was yesterday. Now that I tried it once more, all of a sudden the 'manage containers' screen does show up with data. Could this be as there is a nightly cleanup or something?

@tsteur commented on March 23rd 2020 Member

Glad it works now @ErikDohmen

There isn't really any nightly cleanup or so. Wouldn't be able to explain what happened there as we haven't seen anything like it before. Feel free to let us know if that happens again and I'll close the issue for now.


@ErikDohmen commented on March 23rd 2020

It's got to do with sessions, cause what I did and wasn't focused on, is that it occurred on my chrome session and when I told you it was working again I tried it with a different browser. While on chrome it's still not working, but if I try it in a incognito window in chrome, all of a sudden it works.
No clue, but just to give you some additional info for future reference

@tsteur commented on March 23rd 2020 Member

I suppose it is not some browser caching issue?

@ErikDohmen commented on March 24th 2020

Nope, even though I don't know what it could be. But browser caching is not the fact as when I've got the console open, I always have the browser caching off.

It has got to do something with session caching but even when I logout and login again the issue is there.

@tsteur commented on March 24th 2020 Member

Could you maybe try the new 3.13.4 release? We made some changes there around cookies maybe there is some session issue for a specific browser causing some issue.

This Issue was closed on March 23rd 2020
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