@AbcSxyZ opened this Pull Request on March 12th 2020 First_time_contributor

Diagnostic are runned at the beginning of the installation, and could be a better way to use specific function used for this purpose.

@AbcSxyZ commented on March 13th 2020

I made a mistake, it was only for commit 8f4fb4a initially. But not so bad, things are related.
I didn't thought pushing to my repo would also add new commit to the PR...

I worked on a feature : https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/10257 , about Matomo installation in a automated way.

It's for me the beginning of a feature who must be review and adjusted, I wasn't able to manage all. I tried to create it as a depedent block, I juste add it to Matomo in a temporary way (5bb4565) for testing.

Please check issue, I added some comments (way to use). I know it's not finished, I think it can be a good point to start with, I tried to do as most as possible for me for the moment (I never used Matomo, don't know some cases). It can be for a new branch.

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