@beamylake opened this Issue on February 28th 2020


we are experiencing a bit strange problem:

We've implemented the No Results Search Keywords according to your documentation and at the first glance it seemed to work alright. But while having a look at the monthly results, we recognized that the monthly/weekly reports don't match the daily reports of the no-results-search keywords.

While troubleshooting this issue, I saw that the unique keywords, as well as the number of total searches for the no-results-search were decreasing over time.

With every run of the archiving cronjob, I could witness the change in the results. Sometimes several new unique keywords showed up, but with missing several keywords that have been in the report before.

For example, my first observation (about 9am in the morning) showed about 40 unique keywords and a total search count of 43 in the no-results-search report. About five hours later only 18 unique keywords and a total search count of 37 showed up in the same report.

Strangely enough, we've implemented the same thing on another webpage, where it works absolutely flawless.

We are using Matomo 3.13.3 and the rest of our setup is still as described in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/15240
Please let me know, if you need more information.

Thanks a lot!

@tsteur commented on February 29th 2020 Member

I'm not 100% sure but this might be expected behaviour if a few days later there maybe was a search result for a given keyword? Not sure if that's the case maybe. I suppose could be explained if sometimes searchCount=0 is not called maybe.

@beamylake commented on March 2nd 2020


thanks for your reply!

We are experiencing the decrease of keywords during a days period.
Keywords that showed up in the No Result table in the morning are disappearing during the day.
Chances, that search keywords which resulted in 0 searchresults in the morning deliver results in the afternoon, are very slim in our particular case.

Nevertheless if we are looking at the daily reports and summarize the values up - these numbers don't match the weekly or monthly reports at all.

That plus the observation that the search keywords are decreasing with every run of the archive cronjob lead me to think, that probably something is going wrong within Matomo.

Do you have any advice where we should have a look at?
Can you also please provide a link, where the default behaviour of the no result search keywords is described?

Thanks a lot in advance!

@tsteur commented on March 5th 2020 Member

I've tried to reproduce this and as far as I understand what happens is that it should work nicely if always a custom URL with &search_count=0 or &search_count=5 is tracked. But if this is for example missing just once, then it seems to think there was a search result. It might really depend on the tracking code if there's a chance that on some pages or sometimes maybe the &search_count=$count is not appended.

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