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After looking at the current browser stats pie visualization for a while, I noted some things that could improve the readability of the chart a lot.

  • The chart shows data of multiple browsers in multiple versions. Each combination of browser and value is treated as a distinct value and hence is shown in a unique color. By now there is no visual connection between different versions of the same browser, but the technical difference between Firefox 3.5 and Firefox 3.6 is almost disregardable.
  • The current implementation of the pie charts shows only the six largest slices and groups the remaining slices to the "others" element. This leads to a biased browser comparation, if a browser has many versions with few visitor percentage.
  • I see that the browser family pie aims to provide a more general view on the browser stats, but I claim that this leads to a needless loss of information. For instance, its impossible to seperate Chrome from Safari because both use the Webkit engine, but in fact there is a notable difference between both browsers.
  • Providing a visualization that allows both the global comparision of browser families (Firefox, IE, Chome, ..) and the local comparision of different browser versions would save space in the dashboard.

I draw a prototype of such a combined visualization to clarify my idea. This is not a critical feature, but it would make the browser statistics more useful, I think.
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@gka commented on August 6th 2010 Contributor
@gka commented on August 9th 2010 Contributor

Attachment: This is a screenshot of a running prototype of this visualization (ver 0.1) compared to the default pie visualization

@gka commented on August 10th 2010 Contributor

Attachment: version 0.3: automatic resizing

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on June 17th 2012

Attachment: DIff for patch with version 1.8 of Piwik

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on June 17th 2012

Attachment: Patch with version 1.8 of Piwik

@robocoder commented on August 6th 2010 Contributor

Yes, there's a level missing between "Browser families" (rendering engine) and "Browsers" (actually, browser versions). A short-term fix might be to rename "Browsers" to "Browser Versions", and use "Browsers" to aggregate all the versions for a particular browser.

The prototype is a nice visualization as it doesn't require clicking to drill down. The only downside is that in our current framework, the multi-level pie chart would require enhancements to OFC.

@gka commented on August 9th 2010 Contributor

could someone please change the milestone to third party piwik plugins?

@mattab commented on August 15th 2010 Member

Very nice! :)

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on September 10th 2010

This is great. Excellent visual design, very information-dense and usable at a glance. Would be nice to at least shorten "Internet Explorer" to "IE", with the callout legend that would save a lot of horizontal space and allow a larger graphic within a dashboard-widget sided box.

This would be wonderful to get into core. What framework did you use on the Flash side / where is Donut.swf from? It sounds like getting this into core will have to wait on additional Open Flash Chart functionality, and this works fine as a third-party plugin so I don't see any urgency on that.

I'd like to make sure we understand what license Donut.swf is under, ideally the source for it, etc - frankly I don't know much about Flash so my apologies if this should be clear from the swf file, but it doesn't look like source code to me.

@gka commented on September 14th 2010 Contributor

The flash side is created from scratch excusivly for Piwik. I can publish the source under GPLv3, if you like.

Would be nice to get this visualization into core. However, I don't like the current implementation for its missing integration into the existing browser stat widget. A better way would be to completely replace the existing pie visualization while keeping the current features (sortable html table, csv export, etc.).

I created a new ticket (#1571) which adresses this issue, but I'm not sure if someone dares to touch the DataTableView plugin..

@mattab commented on November 16th 2010 Member

Greg, what do you mean by "A better way would be to completely replace the existing pie visualization while keeping the current features"

Could we technically stop using Pie and use your visualization only? how would that look like / work for other reports (without the multiple levels reporting like browsers)?

@mattab commented on April 23rd 2011 Member

Greg, I am still very keen on integrating this feature into Core. I think it is an improvement that really makes a difference! If you can, please submit the code to the SVN in GPLv3, in a new directory for example http://dev.piwik.org/svn/chart-hierarchical-pie ?

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on June 30th 2011

I try this plugin with piwik 1.5 and it just works and the best thing is its absolutly easy to use. u have realy made a good work.thx for this

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on June 5th 2012

Since I upgrade to 1.8, the pie does not show brower version anymore. I have only browser name for each seaction.

May be something change in the data feeder, and the flahs can not retrieve the brower version number to organize value.

@mattab commented on June 5th 2012 Member

Yes, the API was renamed from getBrowser to getBrowserVersion !

the plugin needs this small update and it should work again.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on June 17th 2012

Thanks for the informations.

I have update the php script and everything is working fine now.

I wrote something, and publish patched php and diff file, to this URL: http://www.jouvinio.net/wiki/index.php/Plugin_Hierarchical_pie_visualization_for_browser_statistics_Piwik#Update

@mattab commented on February 6th 2014 Member

To whomever is able to work on this plugin further:

Along with the Piwik 2.0 release and new design for Piwik, we have also launched the official Plugins Marketplace to let any developer share their work to the thousands of Piwik users worldwide.

Maybe you'd like to publish your plugin there?

In any case, keep up the good work! Cheers.

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