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refs https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/8096

Matomo is often showing plain numbers. However, plain numbers don't give you much of an insights though. They only give you insights when you see it in relation to something else. For example, the number of conversions alone doesn't say anything. Not even when you look at the conversions over time (sparkline, or row evolution or evolution graph) since you don't know if the visits have gone up in the same time or not.

It does say something though when you look at the conversion rate (conversions / visits). And it does say something when you look at the conversion rate over time.

A start in this direction is https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/12390 where it allows custom metrics and maybe hopefully even custom processed metrics. Ideally, Matomo was showing percentages and relative numbers though by default, and the absolute numbers eg on hover.

Few examples:

Looking at visits overview when comparing a segment


The number of downloads is useless to compare here. What would be interesting is the percentage of downloads (eg compared to visits or overall actions...). This would allow to properly compare things.

The same applies when looking at other reports eg returning visits vs new visits. It's not possible to compare these values. You have to have the percentage in order to get insights from it.


Looking at pages report

Even here I'd argue that you'd rather want to see the percentage by default and the absolute value on hover. Otherwise, what happens, is that you basically do that math in your head. Depending on the use case the absolute numbers can be interesting too though, I would say it's not the norm though.


Social networks (and many other reports)

Here the percentage by default be obviously great as well. But how would we know how this compares to overall number of visits? Ideally it would show by default the entries though this social network divided by number of total visits. This way you can more easily compare eg the clicks over time. The other percentage is great insights too. More importantly be though the comparison to total value.


Pageviews in visits overview

From below screen I would not be able if a change I made let to more page views per visit or visitor.


@hubertus2017 commented on March 1st 2022

i requested this feature already several times, because the plug-in "custom reports" is somehow often useless for graphs with timeline "over time" but without percentage.

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