@voarsh2 opened this Issue on February 4th 2020

I'm running the latest version of Matomo (3.13.1).
I'll keep this brief.

If I go to goal overview and go to a segment, I get results that I expect.

If I compare a segment against all data or another segment, I don't get the same results.

Here's an example of just one segment in goal overview:

Here's a comparison:

Notice Social has 26 conversions, but logging has ZERO, but in the other screenshot it had ONE

If I compare multiple segments in goals, it gets even weirder:
(Notice not even the 1 conversion from LOGGING shows on the graph)
(this screenshot is showing you that webdashboard HAS data, but isn't shown when comparing)

As you can imagine, it's frustrating to have to go into each segment individually to get the data when comparing doesn't work properly.

I'm also uncertain if there's a bug in the latest release. Referral tracking stopped working on the 16th (when this version was released)
I had to do some funky js tweaks to make "new tab" links set the outbound link since Matomo stopped tracking it as a referral.

@tsteur commented on February 20th 2020 Member


this works for me


Can you let me know the exact steps to reproduce this issue? I suppose it's also still there in 3.13.2?

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