@leftmostlane opened this Pull Request on February 3rd 2020 First_time_contributor

Resolves ps errors when archiving as an account does not have access to /proc/ (typical on SELinux). Change 'ps ex' to 'ps x' for compatibility with SELinux.
Example of this issue in forum: https://forum.matomo.org/t/selinux-errors-about-ps/14540

@tsteur commented on February 6th 2020 Member

I'm not sure re possible consequences of that. Eg I reckon that for some users this could maybe break things where a different job runs under a different user/session?

Maybe someone knows a bit more. The only other thing I could imagine is to maybe first try ps -ex and if this doesn't work run ps -x maybe?

Maybe someone else knows more? @Findus23 maybe?

@diosmosis commented on March 9th 2020 Member

I can't remember if this was the reason for ex, but years ago there was an issue on FreeBSD and to fix it we had to change the command. This might break for that or other systems.

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