@Solfire opened this Pull Request on November 22nd 2013

This update provides detecting TVs with the DevicesDetection plugin based on the UserAgent.

  • Adding most common TV brands
  • Adding icons for new added TV brands
  • Adding ANTGalio Browser and ANT Browser familiy
  • Adding Opera Next Browser (Blink Engine)
  • Adding televisionRegexesFile
  • Adding getTelevisionRegexes()
  • Adding parseTelevision()
  • Adding isTelevision()
  • Adding televisions.yml with TV regexes
  • Modify parse()
  • Modify parseBrand()
  • Modify parseModel()
  • Update userAgentParserEnhancedFixtures
  • Update some brand icons

Testet with several devices (see picture attached):


@mattab commented on December 23rd 2013 Member

@Solfire Thanks for the PR! It would be very useful to have TV detection and in general increase the quality of Devices detection algorithms.

Maybe you could update it to latest Git master? the format of tests fixturess changed (they make more sense now with the new "device" category). (I cannot merge the PR as is)


@sgiehl commented on February 5th 2014 Member

I'll move/copy the changes to my pull request. So we will be able to merge them in.
Thx @Solfire for your work on that item

@mattab commented on February 5th 2014 Member

Kaboom Stefan, good to hear you're leading the way with our DevicesDetection plugin!

@Solfire commented on February 5th 2014

Sorry for the late replay, but i hadn't enough time to make the needed changes to the format of tests fixtures ...

@sgiehl commented on February 5th 2014 Member

Nevermind. I'll push the changes to PR #213

@Solfire commented on February 5th 2014

Great :+1: ty

This Pull Request was closed on February 5th 2014
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