@daganM opened this Issue on January 31st 2020

Don't know if it's related directly to matomo, but since some days/ a few weeks, lots of users that are coming from Android has an unknown browser. Some have Chrome displayed, but the very majority has no browser...

Is there something maybe that has changed and could cause this ?

@sgiehl commented on January 31st 2020 Member

Matomo is still only able to display/handle Browsers. Mobile Apps and stuff like that will be displayed as unknown. See #5413
Maybe you have a lot visits that are coming from a mobile app

@daganM commented on February 2nd 2020

Actually, most of them are coming from Facebook.
I don't have the Facebook app but I would have guessed it opened in the in-app chrome browser by default, isn't it ?

@sgiehl commented on February 3rd 2020 Member

Jep. Guess the in-app browser is detected as facebook app and thus not shown as browser...

@tsteur commented on February 3rd 2020 Member

@daganM @sgiehl Can we close this issue since it seems to work as expected or is it basically a feature request? (which we maybe already have an issue for?)

@daganM commented on February 3rd 2020

Yes I'm closing. I didn't know in-app chrome was not detected as being chrome.

This Issue was closed on February 3rd 2020
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