@tsteur opened this Issue on January 28th 2020 Member

Mention all the different ways personal data may be collected, and how to workaround it. And mention if personal data is tracked, consent will be needed.

Users should be made aware of this within the app. Possibly in various places eg in privacy admin but possibly also in no data screen etc.

Eg ways of tracking personal data

  • Page titles
  • Page urls
  • Referrer
  • Events
  • Custom dimensions
  • Custom variables
  • User ID
  • Heatmaps/Session Recording

Should be mentioned how to workaround it eg certain page urls / titles need to be maybe overwritten. UserID feature should be eventually disabled by default. We may eventually provide ways to anonymise page urls/ titles and disable specific dimensions etc.

Ideally also all kind of features that may record personal data should be disabled by default. And it should only be possible to activate them by users acknowledging they might need to ask for consent etc.

@mattab commented on May 13th 2020 Member
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