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Hello there, a coworker of mine was reading «today» hourly reports reporting some troubles.
He was surprised because he found H23 visits reported in the client times report.
So I explained him that if we have a visit from Tokyo (JST) at H15 Italian time (CET), we're recording the same visit at H23 in client report, and H15 in server report.

Screenshot_2020-01-27 - 2020-01-27 - Web Analytics Reports - Matomo

Ok, but we've discovered more issues with this:

  • Italian translation translates «Times» with «Volte» "you clicked three times". It's wrong, should translate «Times» with «Orario» or «Ore» (hours)
  • Server Times report details is displaying wrong elapsed time from generation (it's an integer) maybe related to #15200
  • Datatable totals are different, I mean totals between server times and client times. Should a visit be a 1:1 relation between client and server, huh? :thinking:

I have a one more question. If a visitor from Tokyo (JST) (07:00 - 28/01/20) hits the server at H23 (23:00 27/01/20) server time (CET), are reports filled in different periods? :thinking:

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@tsteur commented on January 27th 2020 Member

Re the wrong translations feel free to suggest a change see https://matomo.org/translations/ . We don't manage translations in Github directly.

There seems to be only a very small difference. If you are viewing today as you mentioned, then the other report would have been generated a few seconds later or so and by then a few more visits would have been tracked for example.

@tsteur commented on January 27th 2020 Member

From what I can see only the server time is important for the visit and we wouldn't attribute a visit to another day in the client time report just because of a different date there.

Let me know if there's a further issue and happy to reopen.

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