@endrep0 opened this Issue on January 19th 2020

If a page has this title tag:
<title>John&<a href='/39'>#39</a>;s books</title>

Then the visitor log will correctly show it as John's books.

However the TOOLTIPS in the Visits Log and the dashboard Visits In Real Time box don't translate it correctly:

<span class='tooltip-action-page-title'>John&amp;amp;<a href='/039'>#039</a>;s books</span>

The text will wrongly show as John&<a href='/39'>#39</a>;s books to the eyes of the human reader in the tooltips.

It's quite possible that all HTML symbol codes in title are affected, not just the apostrophe.

@tsteur commented on January 20th 2020 Member

Thanks for reporting @endrep0

@paolobenve commented on February 1st 2020

I confirm this bug.

I have a page whose title has an apostrophe. In Behaviour -> Page titles, the Apostrophe is correctly rendered:


but in the tooltip of real-time visits (I have this box in the dashboard), the corresponding html entity "&#39;" is shown:


@paolobenve commented on February 1st 2020

Inspecting the html page I could see that the reason is that &<a href='/039'>#039</a>; is converted to &amp;<a href='/039'>#039</a>;.

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