@Bllacky opened this Issue on January 16th 2020

I updated today from 3.13.0 and the end result is this:
[DI\Definition\Exception\DefinitionException] Entry "Piwik\Archive\ArchiveInvalidator" cannot be resolved: Entry "Piwik\ArchiveProcessor\ArchivingStatus" cannot be resolved: Entry "Piwi k\Concurrency\LockBackend" cannot be resolved: the class is not instantiable Full definition: Object ( class = #NOT INSTANTIABLE# Piwik\Concurrency\LockBackend scope = singleton lazy = false ) Full definition: Object ( class = Piwik\ArchiveProcessor\ArchivingStatus scope = singleton lazy = false __construct( $lockBackend = get(Piwik\Concurrency\LockBackend) $archivingTTLSecs = (default value) 7200 ) ) Full definition: Object ( class = Piwik\Archive\ArchiveInvalidator scope = singleton lazy = false __construct( $model = get(Piwik\DataAccess\Model) $archivingStatus = get(Piwik\ArchiveProcessor\ArchivingStatus) ) )

Matomo is now completely broken.
I have no addons or anything else installed beside the standard matomo installation. All my previous updates have worked fine.

Using MariaDB and PHP 7.3.

The issue has also been reported on your forums: https://forum.matomo.org/t/udated-to-latest-version-and-hit-with-this-error-pasted-below/35651/4

@mattab commented on January 16th 2020 Member

can you please reupload all files? probably some files are not uploaded correctly.

@tsteur commented on January 16th 2020 Member

Likely config/global.php was not updated

@Bllacky commented on January 16th 2020

Ok, will try.

@Bllacky commented on January 16th 2020

Backup my config.ini.php from the config folder. Deleted the entire matomo installation and placed the latest version in its place. Copied config.ini.php back in its place, created the temp folder and everything worked afterwards.

Case closed.

@agri17 commented on January 17th 2020

Worked for me - Thanks!

This Issue was closed on January 16th 2020
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