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refs https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/11615

Workaround available see end of the comment

Considering many businesses have subscriptions it be great to eventually support tracking subscriptions like

  • Subscription sign ups
  • Subscription renewals
  • Subscription cancellation
  • Subscription pending cancellation
  • Subscription resubscribe
  • Subscription on hold
  • Subscription upgrade
  • Subscription downgrade

From this we would generate various metrics like

  • Subscription sign up revenue
  • Number of subscription sign ups

The same for the other dimensions. Could also add some processed metrics like lost subscribes etc.

It would all be rather basic since re-implementing another subscription reporting is quite a mission which may not be worth it considering most subscription payment gateways, subscription ecommerce platforms etc already include subscription reporting including churn reporting etc and there are also many standalone subscription reporting services.

And it's not like anyone could rely on Matomo for subscription reporting alone anyway since if people use ad blockers or for other reasons some subscriptions may not be tracked.

In the UI this would be basically an entirely new category possible next to Ecommerce. Or we'd need to have switches for everything since you'd probably want to also see subscription information per product etc. Could keep it very basic though and only provide overall information.

Technically we could probably reuse log_conversion table and simply introduce new types where we use eg subscription signup = goal ID -2 etc.

A workaround for now already kind of exists using events. While this feature is not available, most of the reports would be already possible to receive by simply tracking events like.

trackEvent(category = Subscription, action = signup, name = subscriptionId, value = 40.

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