@tsteur opened this Issue on January 6th 2020 Member

It could be useful, for detection of more IPs, to support multiple geolocation databases.

For example If not found in db-ip city, then check maxmind city, then check db-ip country, then check maxmind country. It would only look in another DB if one DB didn't find any result.
The order where it looks would depend on the order the different DB urls are configured.

Not too important but thought I create issue anyway. Noticed MaxMind city DB contains for example double the amount of DB-IP IPv4 addresses by the looks, while DB-IP seems to contain more IPv6 addresses. Combining both would maybe be able to detect more DBs.

I suppose it be even enough if this could be configured through DI or config and maybe not in UI as it is maybe rather advanced.

@sgiehl commented on January 6th 2020 Member

There was a plugin for such a thing. Not sure if it works with latest Matomo: https://github.com/ThaDafinser/Piwik-GeoIpChain

@tekhnee commented on December 28th 2020

Picking up on this excellent topic:

As the Matomo admin page explains, MaxMind's Apache/NginX extenesion, which purportedly provides the best results, “can only be used with normal browser tracking” — not for such things as tracking via API calls from a server app.

It should be possible to select different methods for browser tracking and API tracking, so that one might use MaxMind for browser tracking and IP2Location for the API calls.


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