@wlabarron opened this Issue on December 29th 2019

Similar to #14487, the mtm_consent cookie, added when calling _paq.push(['rememberConsentGiven']) and used to remember that consent to track was given, lasts for session instead of 30 years.

mtm_consent_removed lasts for 30 years.

@wlabarron commented on December 29th 2019

I see in the documentation that I can pass a number of hours to expire after, and I'm currently using that as a workaround. The docs do say though that the cookie should last for longer than session:

By default, the cookie and consent will be remembered forever. It is possible to define an optional expiry period for your user consent by calling: _paq.push(['rememberConsentGiven', optionallyExpireConsentInHours]).

@tsteur commented on December 29th 2019 Member

I suppose this should last by default also for 30 years? Or we need to change the documentation to say the number of hours is required.

This Issue was closed on December 31st 2019
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