@aski71 opened this Issue on December 22nd 2019

I'm really struggeling with the GeoIP2 (PHP) module.
Can't get it to work.
It's gray and Matomo says: Not installed.
I followed the instructions for installing libmaxminddb, mod_maxminddb and MaxMind-DB-Reader-php, but whatever I do: Nothing changes. It says: Not installed.

On the right side it says:
Die apache_get_modules Funktion wurde nicht gefunden. Es wird daher von einem Nicht-Apache Webserver ausgegangen.
(apache_get_modules function not found. It might be a non apache system)

But it IS an apache system. With an nginx reverse proxy.

I also get:
Matomo konnte keine GeoIP $_SERVER Variablen finden.
(Matomo could not find GeoIP $_SERVER variable)

Is anyone able to help?


@mattab commented on December 24th 2019 Member

Hi Alex,

we'll probably stop using Maxmind soon, so closing this issue now, see https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/15308

This Issue was closed on December 24th 2019
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