@diosmosis opened this Pull Request on December 15th 2019 Member

When archiving for a site begins, we create a Lock and only release when archiving finishes or fails.

The lock's expire time is updated on each query (the TTL can be configured via DI).

There is also a change to log each archiving query (previously this was just in LogAggregator, but now it will affect all archivers).

I think we should deploy this to demo and see if it works after a day or two (after getting tests to pass of course).

Note: with this implementation it's possible for archiving to start while an invalidation is occurring, which would cause issues. I'm not sure how big of a risk it is since the invalidation queries are fairly simple. There could be a few of them though.

Fixes #15170

@diosmosis commented on December 16th 2019 Member

I'll add this to demo soon

@diosmosis commented on December 18th 2019 Member

@tsteur added back old functions and added a test for the Loader method that uses them

@tsteur commented on December 18th 2019 Member

@diosmosis maybe we can run this code on demo for a while?

@diosmosis commented on December 18th 2019 Member

@tsteur it should be running on demo2

@tsteur commented on December 22nd 2019 Member

@diosmosis do you know of any issue on the demo? Maybe we could merge and release a new beta?

@diosmosis commented on December 23rd 2019 Member

The metrics for the last two week seem accurate, I'm not aware of any issues (though I don't get emails if demo2 has an issue).

@mattab commented on December 23rd 2019 Member

There was no error from demo2 in the last few days. @tsteur @diosmosis can you merge this and let me know, i'll release the next beta?

This Pull Request was closed on December 24th 2019
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