@tsteur opened this Pull Request on December 12th 2019 Member

Noticed this error in the logs:

Error: {"message":"Call to a member function getName() on null","file":"\/core\/Plugin\/Controller.php","line":622,"request_id":"57488","backtrace":" on l\/core\/Plugin\/Controller.php(622)\n#0 l\/core\/Plugin\/Controller.php(607): Piwik\Plugin\Controller->setGeneralVariablesViewAs(Object(Piwik\View), 'basic')\n#1

The request was like this:


So you'd think the checkSitePermission should have failed but it didn't because it was requested by a super user and checkUserHasViewAccess does not actually check if the site exists for a super user.

This Pull Request was closed on January 15th 2020
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