@Kornexl opened this Issue on December 6th 2019

I’m importing Apache logs since some years and it always worked OK.
Since Update to Matome 3.13.0 on 28.11. the number of unique visitors is way to high

The number of loglines the days before are about at the same magnitude, but the number of visitors was suddenly a huge factor higher (500 vs 20.000)
Number of lines in these Logs
44486 ezproxy.log-20191126 (468 visitors)
50920 ezproxy.log-20191127 (498 visitors)
44860 ezproxy.log-20191128 (27.11.2019 and 491 visitors)
41085 ezproxy.log-20191129 (28.11.2019 and 18000 visitors)
42425 ezproxy.log-20191130
30908 ezproxy.log-20191201
29724 ezproxy.log-20191202
42316 ezproxy.log-20191203 (28.179 visitors)

@Kornexl commented on December 6th 2019


@tsteur commented on December 6th 2019 Member

How exactly do you execute the log import command with which parameters? Do the requests have a userId?

@mattab commented on December 11th 2019 Member

@Kornexl Could you please try this patch https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/15258/files
and let us know if this maybe helps with counting visits correctly (for new visits after applying the patch)?

@psec commented on December 11th 2019

@mattab experiencing a similar bug and the patch posted above did not fix it.

@Kornexl commented on December 17th 2019

The logs do have userids and these are transmitted in the uid-Parameter by piwik/misc/log-analytics/import_logs.py
Prior to 3.13 different userids are counted as the visits
Now the visits don't use the userids but count otherwise.
Nearly every used logline is counted as a visit even when the same userid (same IP, same user agent) clicked on another link one minute later.
The different userids are shown as users in the widgets
That's a breaking change in the semantics of visits

@Kornexl commented on December 18th 2019

by importing logs there is no cookie set

@mattab commented on December 24th 2019 Member

@Kornexl can you please share a short extract from the log with multiple lines for the same user ID resulting in multiple visits? if you can't share here publicly, feel free to send us by email at hello at matomo.org - please also include the URL to this issue https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/15242 - we'll investigate further

@Kornexl commented on January 17th 2020

should this problem be solved with the new release 3.13.1?
I have installed this release today and can check tomorrow after the import of the daily log

@Kornexl commented on January 19th 2020

This problem is resolved with 3.13.1

@mattab commented on January 21st 2020 Member

Thanks for confirming @Kornexl :+1:

This Issue was closed on January 19th 2020
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