@tsuibin opened this Issue on December 5th 2019

The system version is 3.13.0, and the update time is 2019.11.26-27. The system has been updated and the server has been migrated

After selecting a date range from all websites dashboard, clicking on a site in the list of sites will report a time period or an incoming time parameter error"error: date format must be: yyyy-mm-dd, or 'today' or 'yesterday' or any keyword supported by the strtotime function (see http://php.net/strtotime for more information):" , Data can only be displayed if the date range is re-selected;


@tsteur commented on December 5th 2019 Member

@tsuibin I can't reproduce this issue. Can you reproduce this issue on https://demo.matomo.org/ ?

Any chance, that the selected date range includes a date before you created the website in Matomo?

Say you created the website in Matomo on 25 Oct 2019, and you select a date range starting from 10 January 2019. Unfortunately, I think it is only possible to see when a site was created in the database in the site table. We could maybe test this another way... can you reproduce the same issue if you select a date range only for the last 2 or 3 days for example (assuming your site was created more than 2 or 3 days ago). So basically try to select a date range eg 5 Dec 2019 - 6 Dec 2019

@nztim commented on December 19th 2019

I have this problem too and it occurs when the date range is valid. The query string created is as follows:


When I replace the %2C and %252C with commas it appears to work correctly, so I guess there is some double and triple URL-encoding somewhere.

Edit: and I can't reproduce it on the Matomo demo site :(

@tsteur commented on December 19th 2019 Member

@nztim are you using the latest version of Matomo? Can you reproduce this on https://demo.matomo.org/ ?

@nztim commented on December 19th 2019

Matomo v3.13.0 and I found out how to reproduce it on the demo site.

If you go to the 'All Websites' page and select a date range you'll see the problematic query string is produced. When you then select a website the query fails and the error is shown.

@tsteur commented on December 19th 2019 Member

Thanks for that!

This Issue was closed on January 1st 2021
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