@anonymous-matomo-user opened this Issue on July 28th 2010

Yesterday, I updated PHP from 5.2 to 5.3(.3), and updated piwik too. Piwik updated database and everything looked like good, I logged in, checked settings.. everything was fine.

Today, everything is wrong. If I have a session (I didn't logged out) I have an error in title. The full error message you can find here: [http://letolt.lacyc3.eu/bugreports/piwik_20100728/errors_with_session.log]

Without session, it looks like different error (You can't access this resource as it requires an 'view' access for the website id = 0 ...).

MySQL database works fine, database user name, password and anything else should be fine, because there wasn't any problem before the PHP upgrade.

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on July 28th 2010

typo: Exception

@robocoder commented on July 28th 2010 Contributor

Which Piwik version are you running?

When the error occurs, what's the URL in the address bar?

Can you provide the contents of your piwiksite table (assuming "piwik" is the table prefix)?

@robocoder commented on July 28th 2010 Contributor

Sorry, I should have recognized this earlier. You'll have to either set:


because xdebug will log a stack trace whenever an exception is thrown, whether or not it caught in a try...catch block.

@robocoder commented on July 28th 2010 Contributor

(In [2763]) fixes #1520 - disable xdebug stacktraces

@anonymous-matomo-user commented on August 2nd 2010

Sorry for the slow reply, gmail marked spam the notify mail.

Thanks for the fix.

@robocoder commented on September 1st 2010 Contributor

(In [3039]) refs #1520

This Issue was closed on September 1st 2010
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