@EDV-Eberhardt opened this Issue on November 22nd 2019

Hey folks, today we installed Matomo over docker compose behind our nginx proxy. Everything seems to work except the icon fonts. We are getting a 404 for the matomo.woff/.ttf files.

We checked the folder an the files are there:

/var/www/html/plugins/Morpheus/fonts # ls README.md matomo.ttf matomo.woff2 piwik.ttf piwik.woff2 matomo.svg matomo.woff piwik.svg piwik.woff selection.json

Also other Images from the Morpheus-Folder are working correctly.

We are using this snippet in the nginx-config...can't see any problem here...

`location ~ .(gif|ico|jpg|png|svg|js|css|htm|html|mp3|mp4|wav|ogg|avi|ttf|eot|woff|woff2|json)$ {
allow all;

Cache images,CSS,JS and webfonts for an hour

    ## Increasing the duration may improve the load-time, but may cause old files to show after an Matomo upgrade
    expires 1h;
    add_header Pragma public;
    add_header Cache-Control "public";


Any ideas guys? Thanks!

@tsteur commented on November 24th 2019 Member

Hi there,

I recommend you ask this question in the forum https://forum.matomo.org/ as we don't troubleshoot specific server setups in our issue tracker but only handle bug reports and feature requests here. Maybe someone with Nginx knowledge can help you there. Maybe check out also https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo-nginx


This Issue was closed on November 24th 2019
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