@tsteur opened this Pull Request on November 21st 2019 Member

@sgiehl any thoughts on that? I reckon shouldn't be an issue?

I was getting this error in WordPress:

Cannot declare class Spyc, because the name is already in use

Because it doesn't use the regular autoloader and Spyc's autoloader/class is loaded on every request. Only in 0.6.X they are checking if the class is already loaded and don't redeclare it https://github.com/mustangostang/spyc/blob/0.6.3/Spyc.php#L46 compared to before they always tried to redeclare it https://github.com/mustangostang/spyc/blob/0.5.1/Spyc.php#L57

This is basically needed for WordPress to:

  • Have better compatibility with other WP plugins
  • Support WP-CLI
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