@TheFirstGoodmaN opened this Issue on November 15th 2019

I got notified about an issue and could reproduced it with different installations of matomo 3.12.0



  • select a website
  • go to Behaviour -> Downloads
  • create a new segment
  • select Download URL is a complete URL and apply
    In my opinion there should only be one entry with this full URL and nothing else.
  • in my example https://some-domain.tld/saas/_images/outlook_configuration.png


  • select a website
  • go to Behaviour -> Pages
  • create a new segment
  • select Action URL contains enter a par of an existing URL in my example saas
  • the same result if i use Page URL instead
  • the first entry is correct but in the rest i cant find any sign of saas in the URL's

Maybe am i missing something completely but it seems wrong for me.

@fe-hicking commented on November 15th 2019



To us this is a critical bug. One of the main tasks in Matomo is no longer working as we and clients expect it. This should not have been implemented in a non-breaking minor release.

It needs to be made an optional segment option. Until it becomes optional in 4.0.x it should be reverted in a new regression release of 3.x.

@fe-hicking commented on November 15th 2019

Related: https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/15133

IMO this issue is important.

@tsteur commented on November 15th 2019 Member

See https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/issues/15130#issuecomment-551252343 on how to restore old behaviour. We're not planning to restore the previous behaviour as default behaviour unfortunately. Segment feature is supposed to work like it is implemented now and it was buggy how it worked before. We totally understand this is frustrating but there's no way we can make everyone happy unfortunately and we followed to what most users are wanting/expecting and how it works on other analytics solutions. The feature you're referring to be a "filter" which we don't have yet. Custom Reports supports it though.

@PeteTrombone commented on November 19th 2019

Why is this issue closed? There is still no solution for many matomo users.
Our company have the same problem like TheFirstGoodmaN and fe-hicking. Custom Reports, Custom Dimensions don't bring the same result an to disable the new behaviour is no solution for us.

Like the example of TheFirstGoodmaN, there is no difference between page-url and action-url anymore.
As far as I know the "bug" referred only to the parameter "Page-URL", why was the function also changed for the parameter "Action-URL"?

In addition, we now even have a big data protection problem, because more data is displayed as desired/allowed. In our case, we are no longer compliant with gdpr and we can not use this anymore.

@tsteur commented on November 19th 2019 Member

@PeteTrombone just to understand why do you not want to disable this feature to have old behaviour? In general we can't have the same feature working in two different ways and everyone would expect to behave it one or the other way. We're really talking of one feature here. Be keen to hear your thoughts on why Custom Reports did not do the trick here and what we can maybe improve. Feel free to get in touch with our support about that: shop at innocraft.com

This Issue was closed on November 15th 2019
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