@mattab opened this Issue on November 11th 2019 Member

It would be valuable to be able to

  • use the dimension "Server time - Date and time" in custom reports.
  • use a segment "Server time - Date and time" where an example value would be eg. '2019-03-31 14:56:59` (not 100% sure if we'd want the -SS / seconds in there...)
  • similarly use the dimension and segment "Server time - date" in the format YYYY-MM-DD

Users could create custom reports using this dimension to get a "By datetime" listing of specific activities eg. list of Downloaded files by user ID and datetime, list of ecommerce orders by User ID and date-time.

Note: when used, the output would be truncated at the standard 500 or 1000 rows, but often our customers have even less rows so won't be affected by the limit)

_Alternatively currently users can use and export data from Live.getLastVisitsDetails by applying segments. but it can sometimes be more complex or not really helpful (for example when segmenting on Download URL, all actions are still returned in the output)

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