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Often Matomo users who haven't yet setup Cron + Disable browser trigger archiving, index

It would be great to link from this message to the FAQ that explains this issue: https://matomo.org/faq/troubleshooting/faq_19489/

Maybe with append a text like <a href='https://matomo.org/faq/troubleshooting/faq_19489/'>See the steps to resolve this issue in the FAQ</a>..


  • we don't want this extra text to be added on cloud. maybe we could link to the FAQ only when enable_general_settings_admin=1 or enable_plugins_admin=1
  • we will soon improve the FAQ at https://matomo.org/faq/troubleshooting/faq_19489/ and make it more clear / better
@geekdenz commented on August 16th 2021 Contributor

There seems to be something already here:


Also, I have trouble reproducing this error. Could you give me an example URL fragment?

@tsteur commented on August 16th 2021 Member


you can apply below patch and then go to Behavior -> Page URLs in the reporting menu. It will show the error. There are few other places where this error message is shown but I think that's maybe the most important one @mattab ?

diff --git a/plugins/Actions/Reports/GetPageUrls.php b/plugins/Actions/Reports/GetPageUrls.php
index 794848a8a5..b93ba48022 100644
--- a/plugins/Actions/Reports/GetPageUrls.php
+++ b/plugins/Actions/Reports/GetPageUrls.php
@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ class GetPageUrls extends Base
         if (version_compare(DbHelper::getInstallVersion(),'4.0.0-b1', '<')) {
             $view->config->columns_to_display[] = 'avg_time_generation';
+throw new \Exception('foo');
@geekdenz commented on August 20th 2021 Contributor
@tsteur commented on August 22nd 2021 Member

@geekdenz I'm not quite sure to which file/place you refer this to?

If it's about the one you mentioned in chat then we wouldn't show it twice

This Issue was closed on September 4th 2021
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