@katebutler opened this Pull Request on November 8th 2019 Member

Fixes #15118

@sgiehl commented on November 8th 2019 Member

That kind of breaks the scrolling if the table doesn't have enough space as all label columns are set sticky

@katebutler commented on November 13th 2019 Member

Good point @sgiehl, have added CSS to ensure only the leftmost column will be made sticky.

@tsteur commented on November 28th 2019 Member

@katebutler can you update below screenshot which seems maybe due to this change and then merge? Thanks


@tsteur commented on December 4th 2019 Member
@katebutler commented on December 5th 2019 Member

I wouldn't have thought so - it looks OK in my browser and the heading that's disappeared doesn't have the first class so shouldn't be affected.

This Pull Request was closed on December 5th 2019
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