@peter279k opened this Pull Request on November 6th 2019

Changed log

@sgiehl commented on November 6th 2019 Member

Thanks for the PR. We also need to update the composer.lock in this case.

@peter279k commented on November 7th 2019

Hi @sgiehl, thanks for your reply.

My question is: How to update the composer.lock file?

Using the php-5.5.x to execute composer and using update command to update cached dependency information on composer.lock file?

@sgiehl commented on November 10th 2019 Member

actually you would need to let composer update the composer.json & composer.lock by executing those commands (without your changes). The PHP version you are running doesn't matter as long as it satisfies the requirements (>5.5.x):

composer remove facebook/xhprof
composer require --dev lot/xhprof dev-master

After that I guess the additional repository entry for facebook/xhprof can be removed manually from composer.json

@peter279k commented on November 11th 2019

Hi @sgiehl, I've update the composer.lock file and please review this PR again.


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