@tassoman opened this Issue on November 4th 2019 Contributor

Hello there, we have tried upgrading Piwik to Matomo 3.12.0 but after the php console core:update command we had some problems:

  • PHP Notice error in Monolog Formatter
  • Css is missing and opening it you get an error page saying Action not found in the module 'Proxy'

php console diagnostics:run gives back no relevant errors. I've attached screenshots of the web gui.



@tsteur commented on November 4th 2019 Member

@tassoman created PR for the linemessageformatter in https://github.com/matomo-org/matomo/pull/15105

Not sure though why you would get the proxy error. Could you apply the patch in #15105 and then check our tmp/log/matomo.log file if there's any error in there?

@tassoman commented on November 5th 2019 Contributor

Hello @tsteur the problem with empty action in Proxy module was solved with your patch.
(I applied a raw brutal cut-n-paste in the code)
I think the problem with CSS was given by the notice error html output before sending real headers to the client, so it was missing text/css content type or something like that.
Thank you team for fast caring :top:

This Issue was closed on November 5th 2019
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