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When i start manual installation of Matomo 3.12.0(official build), I get the following error:

Files were found in your Matomo, but we didn't expect them.
--> Please delete these files to prevent errors. <--

File to delete:
File to delete:

To delete all these files at once, you can run this command:
rm "" ""

Errors below may be due to a partial or failed upload of Matomo files.
--> Try to reupload all the Matomo files in BINARY mode. <--

Missing file: /{{path}}/{{to}}/{{matomodir}}/plugins/Morpheus/icons/dist/brand/Krüger_Matz.png
Missing file: /{{path}}/{{to}}/{{matomodir}}/plugins/Morpheus/icons/dist/brand/öwn.png

The files are present in the location i.e '/{{path}}/{{to}}/{{matomodir}}/plugins/Morpheus/icons/dist/brand/' but yet error is thrown.

After inspecting the code in function getMessagesFilesMismatch($messages) in '/{{path}}/{{to}}/{{matomodir}}/core/FileIntegrity.php'. I found that the manifest file i.e: in '/{{path}}/{{to}}/{{matomodir}}/config/manifest.inc.php' is missing the entry of the above files i.e Krüger_Matz.png and öwn.png.

Could you please check this at your end and fix this soon?

@prbt2016 commented on October 31st 2019

Will there be a patch release for this issue(for official build)?. #15078

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