@dieskim opened this Issue on October 24th 2019

I am using Matomo UserID to track users - https://matomo.org/docs/user-id/#user-id-report

What I am not able to figure out is how I can view the Report of that actual user via the UserID - I know I can view the report of the user via their visitorID with a link like


but I would like to view the report of the user via the UserID.

maybe adding to the Widgetize module so as to allow


Any help would be appreciated, Thanks

@tsteur commented on October 24th 2019 Member

@dieskim be good to ask questions in the forum: https://forum.matomo.org

Basically you will need to first find out the visitorId for example using a userId segment and then generate the link with the visitorId. Actually, it might be even enough to simply add the userId segment without any visitorId https://developer.matomo.org/api-reference/reporting-api-segmentation

@dieskim commented on October 24th 2019
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