@katebutler opened this Pull Request on October 20th 2019 Member

Fixes #14945

@tsteur commented on October 21st 2019 Member

@katebutler not sure if this only fixes the issue for the generic single widget or for all reports? In this case @mattab meant for example the Acquisitions => Overview report.

In 3.11 this was formatted, eg
and in 3.12 this is not the case anymore

The solution for this specific widget seems to work but we usually format metrics server side to have consistent formatting everywhere depending on the chosen language / locale AFAIK. Wonder if somewhere maybe some format_metrics: 'all' or similar is missing for example or if there is some other issue.

@tsteur commented on October 21st 2019 Member

BTW also possible for example that the |number filter in a sparkline visualisation template is missing.

@katebutler commented on October 22nd 2019 Member

Have found and fixed the Twig macro that was outputting the raw numbers on Acquisitions => Overview.
Regarding the single metric view, I've looked into the API calls that it makes and it fetches the metrics both with format_metrics=all and with format_metrics=0. In both responses the integer values are unformatted. format_metrics=all calls $metric->format($value) for the processed metrics only, and also does currency formatting for other metrics if the column name contains "revenue".

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