@wThomas84 opened this Pull Request on November 20th 2013

Pull request for the enhancements discussed in this thread: http://forum.piwik.org/read.php?2,107159,page=1#msg-107379

Please note that in order that this feature can work propperly an entry in the config.ini.php must be set. The key for that entry is "cookie_domain". I was not sure whether there must be a default value set somewhere else for that config key. Means: I do not know whether there would be a runtime error in line 418 of Request.php in case that value is not set in config.ini.php.

@halfdan commented on November 20th 2013 Member

Can you please rebase/squash these commits into a single one?

You can add the key to global.ini.php. Also make sure that the tests still pass.

@wThomas84 commented on November 20th 2013

that was a fast feedback :)

When I put that key into global.ini.php how is it actually interpreted in case I leave the value empty. From my understanding it should be null and not an empty string.

Please, can you give me a short hint / link about how or where I can run or let the tests run?

@wThomas84 commented on November 21st 2013

Closed in order to be replaced by request with squashed commits.

@halfdan commented on November 21st 2013 Member

No need to close - you can squash and then push -f to the same branch. The PR will automatically update.

@wThomas84 commented on November 21st 2013

Ah, sorry, was looking for that solution. New request already open. Now I know for the next time.

This Pull Request was closed on November 21st 2013
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