@mattab opened this Issue on October 10th 2019 Member

reproduced at: demo url

Here is what we see:

Screenshot from 2019-10-10 16-43-09

The columns are missing.
Note that when removing comparison mode again, the state will be also broken then for non-comparison mode, and not show any column also.

Workaround: currently it's possible to display the columns as expected with a few extra clickks:

  • Click the second icon below the report
  • Select Display simple table
  • Then we get the columns correctly in comparison mode.

Expected to see the columns like in non-comparison mode.

@sgiehl commented on October 28th 2019 Member

I'm not able to reproduce that. For me the table is scrollable to the right and all columns are there.
Might those columns only be hidden from visible space and related to #15053

@tsteur commented on October 28th 2019 Member

works for me too

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