@mattab opened this Issue on October 9th 2019 Member

When viewing a report where the date includes Today, and when clicking on the help icon next to a report title, one can sometimes see the "Generated X hours Y min ago." information. This gives the freshness of the report:

Screenshot from 2019-10-07 23-19-33

It's a common frustration point to not know when were the reports processed, and not knowing whether the current report may be inaccurate because it was processed hours ago. "When was this data processed?" people ask themselves.

How could we make the situation more clear?

  • could we also display the freshness info with a subtle time icon: "(icon) 5 hours ago" or "(icon) 34 min ago", on the top right (Selector bar), when date includes today?
  • show this freshness info in the help infobox on all report titles. Currently the freshness is not visible under Evolution graphs and likely other reports too. We expect this info to show on all pre-processed reports (except a few specific which are not actual aggregated reports like all real-time reports).
  • ...
@jmumby commented on October 11th 2019

Showing the time the report will be updated would be good also. It is good to know how fresh a report is, I would also want to know when the report will be updated next.

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