@mattab opened this Issue on October 7th 2019 Member

Feature request: when opening the Segmented Visit Log, for example, Behaviour → Pages → XXX → Segmented Visit Log, when you click out of it after scrolling down, you have to scroll all the way back up and it takes a while to find your place. Is there anyway for the popup Segmented Visit Log to scroll on its own, without the background scrolling down as well?


  • Open Segmented Visitor log
  • Scroll down to bottom of popover
  • click outside of popover to close it
  • Expected: the screen smoothly scrolls back up to where the top of the popover over
  • Got instead: the screen does not move, we are now at the bottom of the page and not clear where we clicked on initially (have to scroll back up sometimes quite a few screens)


  • When the URL is loaded in a new tab with the popover already opened (like in the reproduce URL above), the app doesn't know which row was clicked so in this case, it could maybe just scroll back to the top of the screen?
This Issue was closed on December 15th 2020
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